Accountability Squads

Yesterday you said tomorrow.
It's time to start doing what you've been putting off.
A real life example of a squad's goals written in a board.
Portrait of Michael Rurka
Unlock your potential with the help of a team of motivated individuals that keep you on track.

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Start manifesting your potential

Stop Procrastinating

Start doing what you've been putting off for months, or even years.

Stay Motivated

Stay motivated through thick and thin by encouragement and contagious energy.

Make Better Decisions

Overcome your challenges with fresh perspective. Leverage your squad's knowledge to succeed.

How it works

We got you every step of the way
Set your aim
Envision your ideal future, and capture it. This will be the guiding star throughout your journey.
Not sure where to start? Join our monthly Vision Workshops to learn how to generate a meaningful future that motivates you to take action.
Break it down
Break your vision into milestones and actionable steps that you can accomplish weekly.
We have monthly Strategy Workshops to help you break your large hazy vision into actionable steps.
Meet up and commit
Meet with your squad weekly. Share where you’re at, your challenges, and commit to your next steps.
Squad Meets happen online, and all goals are written down visible to everyone in your squad.
Put in the work
After you’ve committed to your goals for the week, it’s time to put in the work!
Join our Meetup Community to find online work sessions peppered throughout the week to keep you motivated and accountable to your goals.


What to expect

Kick Off

Whether your squad is brand new OR you're joining an existing squad: This informal meeting is all about meeting your squad, understanding our values, and how everything works. Making sure you're comfortable and ready to hit the ground running! 💪


Squad Meets

Squad Meets are 60 minutes and regular attendance is strongly recommended for best results. Just like everything in life, you get what you put in. Accountability Squads are no different 😉

The first half of the meeting is dedicated to status reports (example below ⬇). You'll share how you did last week, where you are now, and what your goals are for next week.

The second half centres around your individual challenges. This is where we brainstorm, troubleshoot, and knowledge share to help each other get unstuck.


Squad Shuffle

Every quarter, you have the opportunity to change squads to better meet your needs — or to simply keep things interesting. Every member answers a survey that helps determine where they'll end up.

Cohesive squads that wish to stick together won't be affected.

Meet Your Community Leader

Portrait of Michael Rurka

Hey guys, I'll be honest. I'm just super into community building and besting yourself. And that's what this is all about. Let's DO the best we can and BE the best we can, all while having fun along the way.

Come join us 🙂

Michael Rurka

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  • Optional check-ins with an Accountability Coach
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Yesterday you said tomorrow.
Join a team of motivated individuals who will assist in your journey towards a better life.